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What We Offer




Edge-to-Edge, $.02 per Sq. Inch as of June 2023

Semi- Custom, two designs $.035 per Sq. Inch

Custom/Heirloom, $.05 per Sq. Inch

Example:  If your quilt top is 60 by 80, you will multiply 60 x 80 =

4,800 inches x $0.02= $96.00

There is a Minimum Charge of $55.00 for any projects.



If you would like ​me to attach the binding I can, please send the pre-prepared binding along with the quilt

  • Attaching the Binding $.12 per inch 

  • Machine Finished binding $.15 per inch

  • Hand Binding  $.25 per inch

  • Making the binding $10 flat fee

Daisy border Close up.jpeg


You are more than welcome to provide your own batting.

I carry the following brands: Warm Company, Hobbs, and Quilters Dream. 

A little prep work provides for a quick turnaround!

To get a nice even stitch and a quick turn around it's important to prep your quilt

  • Press all seams as flat as you can

  • Trim threads on the front and back of quilt

  • Square up your quilt top and backing for even load but please leave selvage along the backing if possible

  • Please mark the top of the quilt and backing with a safety pin if you want it to load in a certain direction.

    • If not marked I will load however is best for quilting.

  • For Mail-in: I recommend packaging your quilt in a protective bag to prevent it getting ruined in transit

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